We are a major international supplier of sporting, hunting, outdoors and defense equipment with a focus in exporting professional equipment from the United States and the former Soviet Union to world markets. We are an international corporation with fully staffed offices in the United States and Russian Federation. In addition to a small manufacturing capacity we have exclusive export relationships with several factories. We are active in the import, export, wholesale and retail of a variety of products in both markets. In addition to exporting directly from a large warehouse complex in Saint Petersburg, Russia, we can place products world-wide including outfitting defense forces and contractors in conflict zones. We not only are able to offer real availability on a continuing basis on a number of items but we offer a true turn-key solution for your equipment needs.

Having an international staff fluent in the languages where we operate, ABTG is able to interact directly with government, military and commercial customers to provide them mission-critical equipment. Most customers come with a shopping list of needs and exit with a completely different set of products after talking with our specialists who are experts in selecting the correct equipment at the right price point to meet the task at hand. The benefits we bring you include:

  • Over a decade of experience with licensing, importing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing civilian and military defense equipment and providing top quality security services;
  • Fully operational, wholly-owned offices in the US and Russia with a strong multi-cultural management team. We are local to many of our sources and clients in the former Soviet Union and the United States;
  • Registered and licensed for defense technologies in the countries where we operate;
  • A large and diverse offering of constantly available products. Avoid the frustration of receiving only occasional availability, limited volumes, limited delivery destinations or uneven support after the sale;
  • Working directly with factories allowing us to provide real-time, competitive pricing, availability and licensing support;
  • We are an honest partner and are able to provide certificates of origin and proper documentation;
  • Our extensive network of relationships in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East allow us to find the best technologies currently available to meet your needs;
  • We are one of the few turn-key solutions providers active in the former Soviet Union able to meet the equipment needs of governments and organizations who were traditionally supplied by the Soviet Union;
  • Our strong relationships with RosOboronExport, UkrSpetzExport and other governmental agencies may allow us to solve your equipment needs where others have failed;
  • The individualized and quality service offered by our trading professionals and transportation department; and
  • The increase in mission effectiveness we can offer to you!