Aboard Trade Group Inc sources and delivers for four market segments. This broad range of commercial activities stems from organic growth as the company’s development has been guided by our clients’ needs over the last decade. We work with a stable group of long-term partners focusing on their needs and continually expanding the value-add we provide to each.

We are a preferred supplier to several government agencies. Customers include governmental drug enforcement agencies, federal atomic power operators, intelligence services, national and local police agencies and others. We work diligently to ensure that all export documentation is handled correctly and can license items for export from the United States, Europe and Israel depending on our customer’s needs.

We regularly quote for the following types of items:

  • Second and third generation night vision optics;
  • Thermal vision optics;
  • Body armor including helmets (MICH, ACH, NATO, Police), ballistic vests (concealable, tactical and discreet), bomb blankets, hard armor plates up to NIJ Level IV, etc;
  • Tactical gear;
  • Weapons with a focus on high-caliber, long-range sniper platforms;
  • Ammunition;
  • Weapon optics;
  • Parts and mounting accessories;
  • Tactical weapons accessories;
  • Diversionary devices including smoke, CS, flashbangs, stinger grenades, etc.
  • Facility security systems;
  • Uniforms, etc;
  • And more…